Does a Globe Have Corners?

Does China look like a chicken to you?

Does China look like a chicken to you?

The phrase “from every corner of the globe” is, of course, a colorful way to describe people and things from faraway places with strange sounding names. The phrase originally referred to the four corners of a map, but over time the saying changed.

One of the things I like most about living in Guangzhou (and working in an office overlooking Canton Fair) is the opportunity to meet people from just about everywhere. On any given evening I can stop by my favorite pub and hear conversations in half a dozen, or more, different languages. Fortunately, most of the speakers can also converse in English!

The process of globalization is a mixed blessing. As barriers to communication and commerce are broken down, the richness of cultural diversity can be lost. As this happens, it becomes important for us to honor customs and traditions of the past. What better place to do this than in our homes?

While it is true that home decoration trends follow fashion trends, it is equally true that home decoration can remind us of whom we are. The pressures of modern life can be offset by seeking a connection with the past and with the earth itself.


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